May 21, 2006

I love my x-acto knife...

I've been working on a book for my sister.  With pictures and text.  A lot of really cute and funny photos from when we were younger.  Her birthday was last Friday so I'm a little behind but I think that might be ok.  Anyway, the point is that I am sooo happy sitting here at my desk printing photos and cutting them up with my x-acto knife, ruler, and self-healing cutting mat.  Time flies by and I am just happy as a little clam.

                       X-acto knife...

I am printing photos in small squares - 1 3/8" x 1 3/8" inch. 

I never thought that I would get to know what an eighth or a sixteenth of an inch is!  It's quite exciting for me.  I feel very "handy" and perceptive.

May 18, 2006

The Cupcake Craze...

Cupcake Royale

A cupcake craze is sweeping the nation.  I first noticed it back east in New York in October of 2004.  Every casual eating establishment we visited had these GIANT cupcakes for sale.  Trays of them!  All colors & flavors! 

Now the craze has spread westward and it's out here in Seattle and it's even permeated into the world of high-end boutique doggie treats.

In the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle there is a cupcake establishment called Cupcake Royale.  Here is one of their happy customers enjoying a cupcake and a cup of coffee, and one of their happy employees. They also sell t-shirts with funny quotes like "Legalize Frostitution".

Happy customer                  Happy employee

At Cupcake Royale you can buy a single, which comes in the cutest little package if you get it to go, or you can buy a half-dozen, and it's hard for me to resist this option.

Single cupcake                  Half dozen cupcakes

A few months after I discovered Cupcake Royale in Ballard, cupcakes appeared in Starbucks.  This was huge news!  The Starbucks cupcakes are distinct in that they have a lovely tapered shape and are beautifully & consciously designed.  They come in only 3 flavors, which makes it hard to pick what you want the 4th one to be if you purchase one of their handy 4-packs.  Each flavor is carefully sculpted.  Chocolate curls, an orange slice, or a vanilla flower candy adorn the tops respectively.

 There are even cupcakes for dogs                   Railey's Leash & Treat

Cupcakes for dogs are called "pupcakes" and they are actually crunchy.  Turns out it is very hard to remove the paper wrapper from a crunchy cupcake.  These are from Railey's Leash and Treat in Fremont, not too far from Cupcake Royale.


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