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What gets you out of bed in the morning?

what got me out of bed today was the thought of maybe getting a few dollars for some clothes i took to a local consignment store.

a few weeks ago i took some clothes to a consignment store, where i'd once tried before to consign some things and that attempt failed miserably.  in disgust and annoyance (i mean, didn't they know how good my clothes are?), i drove straight down the street from the store to the donation truck. so setting this 2nd appointment, and then having them take almost every single piece i brought in!, this was a huge milestone for me.  i'd been wanting to do that for ages, like i'm talking for like a year, and when i finally accomplished that (and they took almost every piece i brought in), it was a huge milestone for me. so today what got me out of bed was wanting to see what the date is for when i either get to pick up my check from the sale of those items or the date they get to ship all the stuff to goodwill.

literally, this is what got me out of bed. i was lying in bed like a complete pancake and nothing motivating enough to get out of bed was coming to me. not running on the lakeshore in the sun. not working out at the beautiful all star fitness in west seattle. not taking a walk down my street with my dog. not taking a shower and getting dressed. not photographing my work to upload images to my website. j. is off in a bike race. i am trying to let go of c. so even though i want to call him or text message him i am not going to. then finally i thought of this and up i jumped.


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