Welcome type 1 diabetics! This page is for you, especially if you're living in Seattle, WA!

  • Seattle Type 1 Diabetics Meetup Group. If you're a type 1 diabetic living in Seattle and want to meet up with the rest of us :) click here to join!
  • DESA -- Diabetes Exercise & Sports Association. This is a great organization to join and it's not expensive. They publish an inspiring quarterly newsletter and this is another way for us type 1 diabetics to get connected, be healthy, and live powerfully. DESA founder Paula Harper coined the phrase that I just love and used in the image above -- "I Run on Insulin".
  • DivaBetic.org. A great site and resource for diabetics in the NY/NJ area. Their organization and website have been a real inspiration to me. They offer workshops & classes in New York and also have cool merchandise to buy...
  • BDI -- Behavioral Diabetes Institute. This organization is in the San Diego area and offers lectures & workshops on the psychological and behavioral effects of diabetes.
  • The Glucose Goddess. "Wellness inspiring comedy." Trust me, she's hilarious...
  • Diabetes Talkfest.com. Another great way to get connected. Lots of good stuff like the diabetic food critic and live web chats.
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