Handmade memory books / cards / objects


Are you looking for the perfect personalized gift for a loved one, family member, or friend?

My handmade memory books are a perfect fit. They tell a personal story using your photos, plus words that capture the feelings you want to convey.

Here's how it works:

  • let me know your basic need or desire - "I need a gift for my husband for our anniversary" or "I want something for my friend who's about to have a baby"
  • we'll meet to discuss & brainstorm what you'd like to create and work together to design a unique gift that blends photos, text, and layout into a hand made work of art.
  • these are beautiful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, christmas, valentine's day, mother's/father's day...
  • i don't do the actual book-binding nor do i make paper, but i am totally open to working with you or someone else who does make these things if that's what you want. by default, i use pre-made albums or binders and papers & other materials that we can purchase.
  • one time i made a set of "christmas 3x5 cards" for a man who was known for staying organized by writing things down on them, so books are not the only object we can create. we can create a set of cards (for example 3x5 index cards or playing cards), stamps, or a "report". we could create coasters, we could create mugs. we could create a calendar!
  • we can tell a story, write a poem, or collect letters from others about your loved one, or come up with a repetitive textual theme or structure to convey your feelings & memories.
    • Remember when...
    • I love it when you...
    • Thank you for...
    • Top 10 Favorite Memories
  • the possibilities are endless...
  • here are some samples:
  • A L B U M   E X A M P L E S
  • if this doesn't sound like what you have in mind, check these other links out: www.madscrapper.com | www.shutterfly.com | www.photoworks.com | www.mypublisher.com

To discuss further, get in touch with me: ellen@blueweim.com.